Monday, May 6, 2013

The Debt

This week's Trifecta challenge revolves around the word, blood.

The Debt

One day,
in third grade,
my life changed forever.

My teacher, Mrs. Dillon (her real name),
placed photo cards
along the chalkboard ledge.

"When called,
you will come up and select one photo.
You will, then, write a story
based on that one photo.
When finished,
you will share your story
with the class."

I selected a photo of bank robbers stealing some diamonds.

I had always done well in school.
I always finished my work first,
far ahead of the others.
But, not this time.
This time,
I lingered.
I lingered long,
until the bell rang for recess
and Mrs. Dillon said
that I wasn't to write any longer.

I was sad to have stopped.
But, I was completely exhilarated to have begun.

I have written from that day onward.

I wrote stories
for my classmates
during study hall in high school.

I wrote love letters
for those being courted.

I wrote newsletters
for my school parents
and report cards for my students.

And today, Trifectans,
I write this for you.

Once something you love enters your blood,
there is no denying its' expression.

I would write for you
even if there was no prize this week.

I would write for you because,
one day,
long ago,
when I was just a child,
the fires of my creativity
were kindled by the words,
"My, what a good writer you are!"

In the "Superhero" challenge,
someone said that teachers were heroes.
With opportunity and encouragement
my life was changed by a teacher.

It is a debt that I repay,
every day,
in my own classroom.