Friday, August 16, 2013

But, What Will Santa Do?

This weekend, the Trifextra challenge is getting us to wax philosophically about the changing of the seasons, as reflected in the photo below.


Well, living in Canada, as I do, the changing of the seasons is a very distinct process and, as a result, I have grown up with closets, basements and garages jammed full of seasonal items that get used during one season only and then are stored for months on end until they are needed again.  For example, we have regular tires for our cars and snow tires for the winter.  We have garden shovels for the planting seasons and snow shovels for the winter.  I have boots for winter, running shoes for spring/autumn and sandals for summer.  On and on it goes.      I can't imagine living somewhere where the weather is constant throughout the year.  As day follows night, the passing of each distinct seasons helps regulate our lives and, as such, is an essential and engrained part of who we are and how we live.....especially in my Canada.

The story told below stems from the tendency for children to believe that the experiences they have are universal and that the stories/myths they learn apply everywhere.   Please enjoy.

But, What Will Santa Do?

Sarah modelled her new winter boots;

"Ready for Christmas at Disneyland!"

Her mother smiled, "Try flipflops instead."

"But,......the snow?"

"No snow, Sweetheart.  It's always sunny in California."

"But,..........what will Santa do?"