Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Be a Gentleman" Is Not Helpful, Ma!

This weekend's Trifextra challenge is to provide some advice in a tidy 33 words.

"Be a Gentleman" Is Not Helpful, Ma!"

"Be a gentleman."
A mother's counsel
To her teenage son.

For a boy seeking tips on techniques,
this philosophy of life; unappreciated.

Years later,  
a wife sees her Mother-in-law
and smiles.

My father passed away when I was eleven; just as I was on the cusp of discovering girls.  In those pre-internet days, you got your information about the birds and the bees from your parents, from books or, if all else falied, from the street.  Without a father figure to talk to, I was left to approach my Mom.  She, newly widowed and overwhelmed, responded with a series of books from Reader's Digest and the single pearl of wisdom stated in my story.  

At the time, self-centered as most teenagers are, I failed to appreciate that my mother had given me advice that would end up forming part of the foundation of who I became as a man.  However, at the time, I simply was unsure about how to kiss (eyes opened or closed, lips together or apart?) Did holding her hand mean that we were going out forever?  Where should I place my hands when we were close?  "1-2-3 Becomes Infinity" spoke to this coming-of-age angst.  I wanted to be judged as knowing what I was doing because I didn't know anything about girls and had no one to talk to about it.  Would I have gotten the same advice from my Dad, if he had still been alive?  Maybe not.  How would life have turned out for me if I would have had a father's roadmap to guide me instead  of my mother's Holy Grail?

In any case, hindsight being what it is...........I am thankful for the advice that I was given because, the alternative is too weird to imagine now.........getting make-out advice from my Mom is just wrong, wrong, wrong.  :)