Sunday, December 1, 2013


This weekend's Trifextra Challenge is a free choice activity.    Ok then, I have chosen to write about re-inventing yourself.   

Tonight (Sunday, Dec. 1st), my little kiddies from my school will be performing in a concert at a fancy concert hall in front of the local glitterati of my area.  These kids have been receiving instruction from choir leaders trained in using the methods found in El Sistema, the programme started in Venezuela aimed at rescuing street kids through the Arts and giving them a way out of extreme poverty.  

I have faith that the kids will sing like angels and will fill the concert hall tonight with magic.
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!  :)


She spread her wings ever wide
luxuriating in the warmth of the sunlight upon her body.
Once green and earthbound,
now, born anew.
She stepped forward,
leaping joyously into a life, 
beyond imaginings.