Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolution Time

Sitting here in the airport in Toronto, with my ride coming for me at any moment.....I hope.......I have turned to Trifecta and have been reading some of the other resolutions and dwelling on my own.   Since most of the resolutions I have read so far are very personal, I will go that same route and offer up, what will undoubtedly be, the number one mission I have this year and that is, to help my students and their families transition from the closure of our small, close-knit little community school, to the larger, newer, wealthier school across town.
I have said to several Trifecta friends how there is always a certain degree of leadership and responsibility that comes with being a teacher. However, the community has become very sad and anxious and feel very small at the moment. They are reaching out to me and the other teachers to guide them and ensure that everything is going to be alright.  We all feel the added weight of their personal expectations.  We will be alright but, for now, our journey is still unfolding so, my resolution reflects that journey and the importance of it to those being forced to change.

My resolution is to:           Shepherd my flock.

Good luck to everyone in the year to come.  Thanks for being such a great community in the year that is ending.

Alternate resolutions:

Hone my chops
Write more often
Create better work
Embrace change graciously
Slow life down
Keep loving fatherhood