Friday, March 1, 2013

A Young Man's Dream?

You will find this entry into the weekend Trifextra challenge to either be steamy or silly.  But, whatever the case, it has certainly nothing to do with any of the kids at school!!!!

***I had included a back story to accompany my submission but, several people kindly mentioned that they felt it to be distracting.  Never one to want attention diverted from my submission, I have opted to delete the background info. and simply, present this weekend's submission, as is.  Enjoy. :)

A Young Man's Dream?

Steam curls upward, caressing the ceiling.
Invitingly, she draws the shower curtains aside.

Her body,
freckled with dew,
utterly perfect.
My breath abandons me.

Reaching out,
pulling me close,
Her softness sears me.