Friday, February 1, 2013

Can I?

This weekend's Trifextra challenge involved 33 words of pure, unadulterated dialogue.   Mine is definitely not Shakespearean in nature but, it is a true exchange that I have several times a school year.  The exchange always draws chuckles from the toilet-humour crowd at school but, it isn't too long into the year when the kids start to ask, "Can I......" and then, catch themselves and ask properly, "May I go......".   Some people think my job as a teacher is to help students become as literate, numerate, confident and creative as possible but, sometimes, just knowing how to correctly ask if you may take a whiz turns out to be accomplishment enough!  :)


Can I?

"Can I go to the washroom?"

"I don't know.....can you?"

"Mr MacInnes!!!!!"  Come on!  Can I go to the washroom?"

"Right here?! ........That's gross!"

"OK!............OK...............May I go?"

"Yes............ you may."  :)

I adore sharply written dialogue in movies.  One of my favourite "dialogue" movies is Glengarry Glenross.  It is totally profanity-laden but the writing is crackling crisp.   I love a great many scenes throughout the movie but, the Alec Baldwin scene ranks among my favourites.   What are some of your favourite "dialogue" scenes from the movies?     Feel free to let me know.  Happy weekend, everyone! :)