Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maria's Song

This week's Trifecta challenge was to create a 333 word story that incorporated the word "bitch" into it, somehow.  

This story is based upon last weekend's challenge and, in particular, the photo of the girl in the blue dress.  She is the "Maria" character in this story.  The doll's messages are in Portuguese and go, as follows:
"Help me."
"My name is Maria."
"I am trapped here."
Perhaps, this could be the start of a decent-sized story about chuild labour and poverty.   Thinking about it.  Thinking about it.

Maria's Song

Laura reached down, amid the growing pile of discarded boxes and gift wrap, and picked up her final birthday present.

"Who is it from, Dear?" asked her Mom.

"It says, "Grandma and Grandpa on the gift tag. Yah!"

Laura began tearing off the paper. Immediately, her eyes grew wide!

"Oh! It's a B-F-F Dolly: Infinity Edition! She will be my best friend, forever and ever! Oh, it's just what I wanted!" Laura hugged her new doll tightly and jumped up and down. She was awestruck.

Laura instinctively reached around to the doll's back and grabbed hold of a string that stuck out. "Listen, everybody! I'm gonna make her talk!" Laura pulled the string out as far as it would reach. Everyone, including the adults, leaned forward to hear. She released the string. The doll began to speak.

"Me ajuda," said the doll in a shaky, whispery voice.

Laura's smile disappeared. "What did she say?"

"It didn't sound like English," said her father.

"Pull the string again, Honey," suggested Grandma.

Laura took hold of the string and pulled it to its' limit. The room hushed. Laura released the string.

"Meu nome e Maria."

"Maria?" said Laura aloud. "I think she said that her name is Maria." There was a murmur of agreement and a nodding of heads from those gathered around.

"Pull one more time to be sure," advised Mom.

So, Laura did.

"Eu estou preso aqui!" said the doll to a breathless audience.

Laura's Dad took the doll from her. "I wonder if there is a language switch on her somewhere?" He gave the doll a quick examination but found nothing.

Grandpa sat back and thought, "Isn't that a bitch!" and then said to Laura, "I'm sorry, Honey, that your dolly is broken. We can bring her back and get you another one."

Laura hugged her grandparents. "That's ok. I still like her anyway. Maybe, one day, I'll figure out what she is saying and we can be BFFs, forever and ever."