Monday, March 10, 2014

Into The Great Beyond

If this is Trifecta's final hour then, I shall make this my final link-up.  I would like to simply say:

- to those who helped create Trifecta.....THANK YOU!!!   You helped create a community that welcomed in writers of all persuasions and made us feel like we were home.  That is no mean feat. You should feel very proud of what you helped to create. Thanks for your tireless efforts since Challenge #1.

- to those writers who have created such varied yet, such consistently excellent writing each week, THANK YOU.  By providing such wonderful examples of how to use the written word, you have taught me so very much.  You have helped my imagination to grow and my skills to develop and, because of you, I feel I am a better writer now than I was when I linked up for the very first time.

- to those who offered words of counsel, encouragement and/or advice to my students, THANK YOU.  You are generous and beautiful people.

- finally, to those who have left me such wonderful and encouraging comments regarding my own work, I deeply appreciate your support. In did my heart and my mind a world of good to know that such good writers as yourselves found something of worth in my own words.  THANK YOU, ALL!

  As Trifecta comes to an end, I am grateful for the friendships and relationships that I have been able to develop along the way.  I hope that they can continue via Twitter and Facebook and maybe, one day, even in person.  That would be great!   In the meantime, please feel free to be my Facebook friend (Thomas Charles MacInnes) or follow me on Twitter (@cobourgcobbie).
 Take care everyone.  May good health and happiness await you in the world beyond Trifecta.

In that regard, here are my final words as a member of this community.  Thanks, again, for everything.  Enjoy.  :)

Into The Great Beyond

As I enter the abyss,
I will blaze forth in supernova brilliance
illuminating the path so that others may follow
without fear.
Glorious is our newfound journey.

My epitaph: in words, drown I.

PS:   This is a photo of my daughter, Leah, (in the brown dress) as she receives a third place prize for the Cobourg Public Library Share-Your-Stories contest. She is in Grade 2 and wrote a 600-word story about the sinking of the Titanic. Even as Trifecta closes, words continue to live on in my life, for years to come.

God Bless you, everyone!  :)