Friday, August 23, 2013

Glorious Dreamland

****When I received the tweet this morning (Saturday, the 24th) about someone's child reading their bedtime poem, it blew my mind somewhat.  Seeing the reading-writing connection coming alive made me see that, perhaps, I had misplayed this weekend's challenge.  So, freshly inspired, I have created a new, second post here.  If possible, I would like my daughter, Leah, to read this new poem....just like PolysyllabicProfundities son did on hers.  Bringing our words to life is a wonderful thing.  Please check out the original video on my new post.

****ORIGINAL POST BEGINS BELOW********************

This weekend's Trifextra challenge is to write a bedtime story.  My story is not so much a story for bed but, rather, about going to bed.  Every parent who reads this should be able to associate with the exasperated feelings that come from having had a long day, being completely exhausted and then, at bedtime, your child just won't go to sleep so that you can finally get a little down time yourself.   To everyone who has fallen asleep before your child has.....this is for you!  Enjoy. :)

Glorious Dreamland

"But, I'm not tired."

"Well, it's bedtime!
                             You either lay here in the darkness or head off to glorious Dreamland.
  But, BEDTIME!"

Two hours later........

"Mommy!  I'm still not tired!"


This is my beautiful, Sophie. She is aged 3 at the time this photo was taken.  It is almost 11:00pm. Bedtime was at 8:00pm!  She has finally fallen asleep, in the hallway, by our front door. She is covered in the contents of a box of mittens, gloves and scarves that my wife had washed that evening.  My wife is sleeping on the living room sofa, having been outlasted by our child.  It is peaceful, at last, in my home.  I snapped this photo and then made myself a hot cup of tea. Then I put both girls to bed before going myself. Sometimes, bedtime is like this.