Friday, January 11, 2013

I Thought That I Understood Life

For this weekend's challenge, Trifextra has asked us to write a 33-word story about a new beginning.    Like the TV commercial once said, "I always put myself first and then, in a heartbeat, I was second."

I Thought That I Understood Life

My tendency
toward self-absorption,
                                                     and petty flights of fancy

hidden beneath a veneer of gentlemanly stoicism

until.......they were laid bare by a doctor's simple pronouncement:

                                                                                "Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful."

This is my favourite photo of the thousands we seem to have of my daughter Leah. She is approx. 15 minutes old in this picture. She is being held by my Mother-in-Law. I adore this photo because of the look of Love that is pouring out of Gramma toward her first grandchild.  My daughter is so incredibly lucky to be growing up in a world where she is surrounded by love.

To Begin Anew, with Joy!

Her shift over.
Burdens unbound.
                Jersey Boys on Ten,
                    hot cup of tea
                        in the sunshine,
                              toes uncurled.

A visit,
Her daughter
With an invitation,

Joyously received,

the chance
to mother anew.