Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Porch Light Glow

This week's Trifecta challenge is, in fact, a TrifeXXXtra erotic challenge.  As stated by Trifecta in the challenge guidelines, writing erotica isn't that easy.  Far too often, it devolves into cheesy porn or rote play-by-play.  In either case, that was not where I wanted my submission to go.  I'm not sure if my story will come across as wimping out or as being what I wanted it to be, which was the leap of faith when you give yourself physically to urges or circumstances that are greater than you.  Anyway, you are better judges of this than I so, enjoy it for what its' worth.

The Porch Light Glow

She was young when she married old.  At the time, a father figure, perhaps. But now, years later, more a Rockwellian patriarch. Admittedly, she had no complaints to make.  In his eyes, she was always his princess. A kiss on the cheek each morning before work and each night before sleep. He called her, “Dear” and his heart filled at the sight of her.   

With supper ended, she imagined him sitting contentedly in his chair, reading glasses perched at the end of his nose, taking in the day’s events in the local papers, laughing to himself at the foolish things some people do. Filing tidbits of gossip away like a bird pecking at seed, waiting to share it all with her over a hot cup of tea before bed.   She thought of his goodness, his gentleness and she smiled. The gentleman at the bar believed the smile for him and, perhaps it was. She accepted a drink.  In her mind, it already felt like cheating.

Years spent with her husband had conditioned her line of sight to conform to his body type. The height of his shoulders, the length of his legs, the roundness of his belly. Now she looked into the eyes of a much younger, fitter man. When he leaned in closer, his body filled her vision completely, melting the rest of her world away.   Words poured from his lips like honey. When he lightly brushed a lock of her hair aside to better see her eyes, the whole of her insides quaked and rocked. She prayed that her reaction wasn’t too obvious from where he stood.  But, from his smile and small chuckle, she knew that it had.  With quick assurance, he tossed the barkeep some money.

At home, tea finished, her husband prepared for bed. Concerned only for her safety, he left the porch light on.

At that same moment, her suitor extended to her an invitation to a long-forgotten world, by simply extending his hand to hers.