Monday, November 5, 2012

Daniel and the Cosmic Checkmark

     An astronomical phenomenon occurred on the day that I was born.

     To the astonishment of star-gazers everywhere, at precisely 6:15 in the morning, in the year 2005, the planets of our solar system aligned themselves at angles and at co-ordinates such that, when viewed as a whole, gave the appearance of a giant cosmic check-mark!   Imagine!  My arrival being recognized by the Heavens with a celestial thumbs-up!

     My parent’s named me Daniel.  For the past seven years, I have been the centre of their universe.  No event in their lives has been too mundane or magnificent not to have included me.  I have trekked through the Himalayas in a papoose on my mother's back. I have attended symphonic concerts in the park under a canopy of stars. I even appear in their dreams, or so they tell me. I could have been anybody's child born anywhere under ordinary circumstances but I wasn't! I am a child enveloped by love and blessed by an infinitely unfolding universe.

     Or, should I say, used to be blessed.

     One week ago, my parents delivered me into the care of my grandparents (on my father's side).  
     One hour ago, my mother gave birth to a baby brother whom I am destined to meet later this afternoon.  For now, as the planets align themselves in some configuration that is certainly not a check mark, I find myself being strapped into the back seat of my Grandfather's aircraft carrier-sized Caprice Classic as it hurtles toward Merseyville Memorial Hospital. My hair slicked back by my Grandmother's freshly licked hand in a futile attempt at aesthetic conformity. My clothes tucked tight in a manner that most assuredly does not represent my soul. I have become a conscientious objector to my own life.

     I'm not quite sure what to expect when we get to the hospital. However, as far as the Heavens are concerned, the day of my brother's birth is somewhat ordinary.

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