Friday, October 19, 2012


     I have always been intrigued by Mount Everest.

     My entry in this week's challenge is in honour of all of those climbers, professional, amateur and local, who risk the wrath of the Mountain Gods for the chance to stand on the highest point on Earth.                                          

     The wish to find the strength to ascend, the loftier wish to summit and the perspective-laden wish to descend safely comprise my three wishes.


A lifetime's ambition in trade for
In line.
In sunshine.
On the Roof of the World.
Still north of the Hillary Step.
When pray flags stiffen.



  1. Ooo, you captured that feeling perfectly - at least from what I know by reading about it. :) Good job of emotional writing.

    1. Thanks, Donna! There is just something about the years it takes to stand on the summit for a mere minute, the incredible strength required to make the simplest movements on the way up and, just how dangerous it gets on the way down. There is just something about Everest. GLad you liked my poem.

  2. I've been obsessed since "Into Thin Air". Will never accomplish this but it is a wish, too. Loved your poem.

  3. I doubt I'd survive going to base camp, let alone climbing into the Death Zone. Lol!

    I've read lots of books about Everest, including "Into Thin Air", too. Quite a tale in that book. Lots of stories on the mountain. Glad you liked mine in this challenge.

  4. Great job capturing the Essenes of the desire to meet this challenge. Nice job!

  5. Thank you. There are a lot of "Everest" mountains for us all to climb in our lives. I guess the trick is to have that moment of accomplishment, when it finally arrives, fill you up with the force of a collapsing star! Otherwise..........

  6. Wow, I like how you introduce the piece with your wishes and then count off the consequences. Lucky for me, I shall never climb that mountain. I'm too lazy even for Vancouver's Grouse Grind. *grin*

  7. Thanks, Karen. Not always certain I should add explanatory remarks before or after my work; feeling instead that the work should speak for itself. However, I've noticed that many of the authors here seem to do this and seem to do just fine so, what the heck, I decided to give it a try. Your kind words indicate that, sometimes, this type of author commentary is helpful. Glad it helped you.
    As for you in Vancouver and me, near Toronto,..........don't know if you are a hockey fan or not but, lots of Leaf fans are wishing on the Monkey Paw that we trade for your goalie, Luongo. Not sure how that wish will turn out. :)

  8. Really cool ^___^ I can see the mountain and the snow and the sunlight...Awesome!

  9. Thanks, Draug! Part of me wishes I could stand there one day and look out onto the world but, most of me realizes the folly of that thought. Taking photos from Base Camp is probably more my comfort zone. Lol.